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Then meet with one of our experienced, highly

trained counselors who will explain the results

of the exam



Students come to the center for two hour sessions:

one hour of test-taking, and one hour of 1-to-1

instruction with a highly qualified tutor



Students can make flexible or regular schedules



Students take consistent and frequent mock

exams, allowing them to truly sharpen their


How Our Program Works

We can help ease your worries about the exam prep process


We know how to prepare students for the ACT and SAT, including the upcoming SAT changes in 2016

How We Provide Value to our Clients

We offer the most affordable, high-quality 1-to-1 instruction in Los Angeles


No one else can provide students a flexible, customized Exam Prep program that adjusts itself continually as the student's needs change over the course of the instruction


We provide constant feedback to students and parents on students' progress


We hire and train tutors who possess the rare ability to inspire students

For nearly a decade, our students have averaged 200 to 400 point increases

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